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What Colour Sun Shade is Best?

The choice of the right colour for a sun shade can be very subjective and depend on personal preference. On the other hand, there are some arguments as to why light shades are better than dark shades. To help you narrow down your choices, here's some advice. For example, Shengzhou Sanjian Netting Co., Ltd. offers shade sails in different colours, which can help reduce the temperature beneath the structure. For further information, read their FAQ page.
It's essential to consider the location when choosing a colour for your sun shade sail. Dark colours block out the sun the best, while light colours create a temperature-controlled atmosphere. The climate of the area in which you'll be installing the shade is also an important factor. White will reflect the most heat. Other light colors will reflect heat, while dark shades will absorb it. For your location, white is the most popular color.
When choosing a colour for your shade, take measurements of the space to be covered. Then, measure the length and height of the area. Once you know the length and width, you can start making your decision. If you're uncertain, you can check the sizes of sun shades online. There are plenty of options available, so try a few out to see which one suits your requirements. You may need more than one shade to achieve the desired effect.
Another tip is to think about the colour of the surrounding environment. Choose a shade that matches the landscape and surrounding buildings. This way, you won't stand out in a crowded area. It also won't distract people who are trying to use the space. You should avoid dark blue shades for a patio as they won't provide UV protection. And if you have children, you should be careful to choose the right colour for your shade.
If you want to avoid the risk of heat, a simple shade may be the answer. It's practical for both indoor and outdoor use and doesn't require a lot of bells and whistles. Its HDPE material is water resistant and breathable. Several solid colours are available. A triangular shade is the simplest and most versatile. It can be used over a patio, lawn, pool area, or even over a swimming pool. It can block 95% of the UV rays.
When deciding on the size and shape of a sun shade, take into account the location you want it to cover. Strong winds can affect the shade's ability to protect you, so it is best to choose a small shade. You can also invest in extra posts and fixing points for the shade, but these can be expensive. If you rarely get strong winds, you may not need a large shade, and therefore simply take it down when the wind gets too strong.

Sunsafe Triangle Shade Canopy Sail

Shade Sail

. Material:  Knitted Cloth of 100% Virgin High Density Polyethylene ( HDPE)     

. Shade:  80~95%

. Warranty:  Usually approx six years u.v. guarantee. Up to ten years u.v. guarantee

. Colors and Sizes:  Different colors and sizes are available

. Rings:  Stainless steel ring at each corner  

. Edges:  Strong webbing along all the edges

. Packing:  Each piece is packed in a handle bag with ropes and a label inside, and several pieces packed into an export carton.