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Shade cloth is also used to protect plants and people from the sun

Different Types of Shade Cloth Rolls

If you are in the market for shade cloth rolls, it's best to look around before deciding on a particular brand. There are a number of different options, and each one is designed for a specific application. From agriculture to gardening, you'll find a variety of shades to suit your needs.

If you're looking to create a windbreak or greenhouse, knitted fabric shade cloth is a great option. It's a durable, lightweight option that provides excellent protection against wind and UV rays. A knitted construction also makes it resistant to tears and mildew.

You can also find precut panels in a variety of sizes. These are great for large projects and can be easily installed using wooden lath and shade cloth clips. For smaller areas, grommeted panels are the best option. They come with heavy-duty reinforcing tape along the edges, and they can be custom ordered in any size.

In addition to being available in various sizes and colors, knitted fabric shade cloth is also designed to provide maximum ventilation. It's a great choice for patios, carports, and greenhouses. This type of shade fabric is also effective at blocking odors.

The Mesh Direct variety is made of a knitted monofilament high-density polyethylene. This material is water-resistant, and it's ideal for use in temporary fencing and construction. Designed for strength and durability, it's available in Blue, Black, Dark Green, and White.

One of the most popular choices for nurseries and decorative agriculture applications is the Green Knitted 90% Shade. The green color of this shade is attractive, and it comes in a variety of widths. It offers excellent coverage and is suitable for patios, dog kennels, and greenhouses.

Commercial 95 shade cloth is similar to Coolaroo, but it's manufactured to withstand more wind and weather. The fabric is woven to protect against UV degradation, and it is offered in custom and cut-linear yards. Like the other varieties of shade cloth, it offers different grades of vision blockage depending on its color.

Shade cloth is also used to protect plants and people from the sun. It helps to keep plants cool, reduces transpiration, and can even protect tender flowers in extreme temperatures. Even in desert climates, shade cloth is an efficient way to help your plants grow.

You can buy shade cloth rolls from a number of reliable providers. While they may not be as durable as grommeted or weighted materials, they are the most cost-effective option for larger orders. To attach these types of shade cloth, you'll need to attach it to your supports.

Another type of shade cloth is a solution-dyed fabric, which is woven before it's dyed. The fabric can be purchased by the foot. Typically, you'll have to run cables from corner to corner, or use a zip tie for shorter lengths. Once you've run the cables, you'll need to attach the fabric to your supports.

Other types of shade cloth include those made of metallic aluminum or shade net. All of these can be found at reputable companies.

Tear Resistant Durable Shade Net Roll

Shade Net

. Material:  HDPE  ( High Density Polyethylene )                                    

. Shade Rate:  50%~95%

. u.v. Warranty:  At least 6 years u.v. guarantee

. Colors and Roll Sizes:  Different colors and roll sizes are available

. Packing and Loading:  By rolls. Each roll is packed in plastic film bag with a label inside, and loosely loaded in the container.