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Another advantage of a sun shade awning is that it can be easily installed

Waterproof Sun Shade

A Waterproof Sun Shade can help protect you from the sun and its harmful rays, so you should invest in a good one. These shades come in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and fabrics. They block at least 95% of the sun's harmful rays and provide a surprisingly cool atmosphere.

These shade sails are extremely easy to install. They come in different colors and are made from breathable and water-resistant HDPE fabric. The fabric is designed to block up to 95 percent of the sun's UV rays. In addition, these shade sails have stainless steel D-rings in each corner for easy installation. The colors available include four neutrals and a beautiful cobalt blue.

This shade is also great for protecting patio seating. Its triangular shape complements a porch or patio and provides a lot of protection. You can install one over a pool, fire pit, or open kitchen. You can also use it to protect plants and garden equipment. You can even hang them over a pergola.

The Advantages of a Sun Shade Awning

When shopping for an awning, you'll want to find one that is durable and can withstand weather conditions. Choose an awning made from a vinyl and polyester blend, as these materials provide ample protection from the sun and rain, as well as offering fire resistance. Vinyl blends are also easy to work with, and some materials are even soft to the touch. They are also very durable, and can withstand years of direct sunlight. The best part about vinyl blends is that they retain their color even after they've been exposed to light.

Another advantage of a sun shade awning is that it can be easily installed. Because it slides into awning roller groves, a single person can install it without special tools. The type of fabric used in sun shade awnings varies among manufacturers. However, the material used to create these shades is much less important than that of traditional awnings, which must withstand rain and snow. All sun shade awning manufacturers, however, make sure that their products are made from durable materials that are resistant to weather conditions.

Aside from homes, Sun Shade Awnings are also used in public buildings, schools, and businesses. They are typically made of aluminum and are positioned at an angle, so that they block out the sun. They are also often painted in trendy colors to add aesthetic appeal while blocking out direct sunlight.

100% Virgin HDPE Sun Shade Awning


Fabric:  100% Virgin HDPE ( High-Density Polyethylene )

Weight:  180-185gsm

Shade:  80~95%

Life time:  At least 5 years u.v. resistant

Colors and Sizes:  Different colors and sizes are available

Packing:  Individual packing and several pieces in a carton